Pictures of some job related trips

  I 've recently made



To enlarge a particular photo, left-click once on it.
Note: When a picture becomes enlarged, if you hold
your Mouse Pointer over it, the Mouse Pointer will
turn into a tiny circle with a Plus sign in it. At that
shape, if you left-click once, the picture will become
even larger than it was. Then the Pointer turns into
a small Minus sign, and if you left-click once, the
picture will be reduced back to its original size.


My New Truck


North Dakota





Umatilla, Oregon


Closer to Home

                 "Big Stick"

                "In Action"


            "Job well done"

                 "Long load"

             "Long load 2"
      "Log show spar trees"


              "Long poles"

             "Long poles 2"
         "My little helper"


   "Tree weighs 17,000 lbs"

              "The turn"
             "The turn 2"


              "Old truck"










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